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forKids Lesson 05/17/20

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Nursery Parents

Each week we bless your children, and we want to be sure we give you the resources for that as well! Check out our Palma Smiley Curriculum songs that you can sing to your child(ren).


During Explore, your kids engage in fun, creative activities designed to pique their curiosity about the day’s portion of The Big God Story.

Fish and Bread Sock Toss


  • 2 pairs of socks that are the same color, 5 pairs of socks that are a different color
  • Laundry basket

Ball the pairs of socks together, making 7 total “sock balls,” 2 will represent fish, and 5 will represent loaves of bread. Place the laundry basket a reasonable distance away, based on the ages of your children.

Kids can take turns tossing the sock “fish” and “loaves” into the basket. Retrieve any stray fish and loaves and allow them to re-throw the socks. Together, count the bread and fish socks in the basket. Ask:

  • How many fish and loaves of bread did Jesus have?
  • How many people did He feed?

Jesus performed a miracle and multiplied 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread to give over 5000 people more than enough food. Let’s watch our Big God Story for today and hear more about how God provided for the people!


CONNECT QUESTION: As a family, discuss this question:

  • When was the last time you shared with someone else?
  • What did you share?
Worship Together & The Big God Story

Have fun worshipping our Awesome God with motions!

Today’s Bible Story

READ John 6:1-15 from a Bible in your home.


During respond time, kids reflect on what the Holy Spirit is teaching them and respond through creative activities and games.

For preschoolers…

In today’s part of The Big God Story, Jesus cared so much for the people that He spent all day teaching them, healing them, and caring for them. When it came time to eat, He used only two fish and five loaves of bread to provide for all of the thousands of people. God is Provider.

  • How do you think you would feel if you saw Jesus do this miracle?
  • What are some ways Jesus cares for our needs?
  • How does this part of The Big God Story make you feel about God?

For elementary…

  • Why did Jesus feed the people? Matthew 14:14
  • If you had been in the crowd, how would you have described what happened? Matthew 14:19-21
  • What does this tell you about Jesus? Matthew 14:14
  • What is the difference between compassion and simply feeling bad about something?
  • Have there been times you felt compassion but didn’t act on it? What were the reasons for that?
  • How can we act on our compassion for people?

Create: Compassion Gift Certificates


  • paper or cardstock
  • markers, crayons or other coloring and writing utensils


When Jesus encountered the crowds, He showed compassion on them as He healed and taught them. Even though Jesus is God, He humbled Himself and served others, asking, “What needs to be done?” We should also stay sensitive to the needs of others and ask ourselves the question “What needs to be done?” in every situation.

Give each child some cardstock or paper and tell them you are going to design and make Compassion Gift Certificates! They should think about how they could SERVE in their homes right now, and make some certificates to give away. For example, they might write “This certificate entitles Mom to one clean kitchen.” Or even as simple as “I will set the table” to give to their parents. Even very young children can find ways to help and serve in the home! Think of ways you could serve certain family members – consider how they would BEST be served! Give the certificates to the family members you each have chosen.


Ask your children to hold out their hands to receive this blessing you read over them. A blessing implies a future hope, so speak these words with hope for your children!

Encourage the kids to hold their hands in front of them, palms up.
Then open a Bible and read Psalm 145:8-9:

The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made.

Then bless your family with these words:

May God awaken you to His Spirit of compassion, and may you trust God to provide for you each day.