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forKids Lesson 06/21/20

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Nursery Parents

Each week we bless your children, and we want to be sure we give you the resources for that as well! Check out our Palma Smiley Curriculum songs that you can sing to your child(ren).


During Explore, your kids engage in fun, creative activities designed to pique their curiosity about the day’s portion of The Big God Story.

Blind Drawing


  • Blindfold
  • Paper
  • Markers, pencil, or pen 

When Jesus healed the blind man, the man experienced things in a whole new way when he had his sight.  Draw a picture “blind” and “with sight.”  Each person will put a blindfold on and try to draw something – you can make a suggestion, like cat, person, dog, house, etc.  Then have them take the blindfold off and draw the same thing with sight.

Optional coloring activities


CONNECT QUESTION: As a family, discuss this question:

  • When was a time you played in the mud or got really muddy?
Worship Together & The Big God Story

Have fun worshipping our Awesome God with motions!

READ John 9 from a Bible in your home.


During Respond time, kids reflect on what the Holy Spirit is teaching them and respond through creative activities and games.

For preschoolers…

In this part of The Big God Story, we heard just how powerful God can be in our lives. God made you special. He gave you everything you have so other people can see His love and power in your life.

  • How do you think the man felt when he saw his friends and family for the first time?
  • How do you think the man felt when he saw Jesus?
  • When does God show His power?
  • How does God want to show His power in our life?

For elementary…

  • What does the word restore mean?
  • How did Jesus’ healing show He was the Messiah? John 9:31–33
  • Why do you think Jesus used mud to heal the blind man? John 9:6
  • How does God restore us today?
  • Is there a place in your life where you need God’s restoration? What is it?

Create: Restored


  • Psalm 80:19 printed on cardstock or paper (Print HERE, or write it out)
  • tape


God created us to be in perfect relationship with Him. But all people sin. Even so, God wants to fully restore the relationship between Him and His people. God is powerful, and he wants to use his power to restore us.

Read Psalm 80:19; Psalm 51:12; and Psalm 71:23 out of your Bible.

Then discuss:

What do these verses tell you about God?
How does it make you feel to know that God wants to restore you to perfect relationship with Him?

Show your kids Psalm 80:19 printed out.  Have them tear the paper in half.  They can even tear more pieces if they would like to.  Tell them God wants to restore the broken places in their lives to wholeness. Encourage them to tape together the pieces of paper to mend and restore it back to one whole piece. This symbolizes God restoring their hearts and lives.  Hang this up in your home as a reminder.