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We desire to see children transformed through Jesus Christ so that they in turn, transform the world in which they live. Our desire is for children to have a solid foundation of faith, built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and the truths found in the Bible.

Boost (Ages 0-2)

Nursery and Toddler Classes

Each week in the nursery and toddler classes, your child is prayed over and loved on by our awesome forKids volunteers.   In our nursery, children are taught God’s truths using the interactive,  Palma Smiley Curriculum, where they will use all of their senses to discover that God made them and loves them. In our toddler classroom students learn solid truths about God from the Bible through simple, short, colorful, and engaging lessons from Answers in Genesis curriculum, Truths for Toddlers.

LEAP (Ages 3-5)

The Clubhouse

In The Clubhouse, each week your child is prayed over and loved on by our incredible forkids volunteers.  Children are taught the truths of God’s word using ABC curriculum by Answers in Genesis. Through this curriculum our children learn that they can trust in God’s Word and that Jesus is our Creator and Savior. Children will enjoy learning big Bible truths through interactive teaching, fun stories, and themed games and crafts. 

Parental Resources
RISE (Grades K-2nd)

God City

In God City, each week your child is prayed over and loved on by our incredible forkids volunteers.  Children are taught the truths of God’s word using Mrs. C and Me by Answers in Genesis. Children will journey through the 7 C’s of History, from Creation to Consummation, as they discover the true history of the world and the gospel message. Along the way, they’ll learn that science confirms the Bible, God’s Word is true from the very first verse, Jesus offers salvation to sinners, and so much more!

Parental Resources
God City L10 03:10:24
God City L11 03:17:24
God City L12 03:24:24
God City L13 04:07:24
God City L14 04:14:24
God City L15 04:21:24
God City L16 04:28:24
RISE (Grades 3rd-5th)

The Dig

In The Dig each week, our passionate teachers will take students on an exciting chronological journey through the Bible as they dig into God’s word using Answers in Genesis curriculum, Answers for Kids! This dynamic curriculum gives children a solid understanding of Biblical history and helps them to boldly share and defend the truth of the gospel.

Parental Resources
Dig L10 03:10:24
Dig L11 03:17:24
Dig L12 04:07:24
Dig L13 04:14:24
Dig L14 04:21:24
Dig L15 04:28:24


Your child will want to bring their Bible each week as we teach them to open the Scriptures to learn and understand God's word for their lives.

We believe that we have a responsibility to partner with parents to train and raise up a generation of believers who are equipped and on fire for God, ready to change this world and impact God's kingdom in a mighty way. Your child will learn God's Word and be challenged to live their lives for Him!

Your child's safety is important to us here at Forward Church.


If your child has food or environmental allergies, we’ll update their check-in sticker to alert team members.


Each week you check in, you’ll receive a randomly assigned number that will be used to pick up your child.

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