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Welcome to our forKids’ Ministry Newsletter at Forward Church!

In this vibrant newsletter, you will find monthly updates on the exciting journey our children are embarking upon in each class. From the nurturing care in our ‘Boost’ nursery and toddler classes to the immersive learning experiences in ‘LEAP’ PreK and ‘RISE’ elementary classes, we cover the spectrum of spiritual growth, Biblical education and love for Jesus for ages 0-5 and grades K-5.

What’s Inside:

  • Learning Highlights: Discover what our children are exploring, from sensory-rich experiences in the nursery to deep Biblical journeys in The Dig.
  • Upcoming Dates and Events: Stay informed about all the special events and important dates that are part of our children’s spiritual journey.
  • Parental Resources: We will occasionally post resources here for you as parents, or as families, to aid in raising your children and growing together in the Lord.

Our Commitment:
We desire to see children transformed through Jesus Christ so that they, in turn, can transform the world. At forKids, we partner with you in nurturing a generation that is not just the future of the church but its vibrant present.

Safety First:
Your child’s safety is a top priority. We ensure a secure and nurturing environment, keeping a keen eye on everything from allergies to check-in security.

Join Us in This Journey:
Each month, we aim to bring you closer to the heart of our ministry, celebrating the steps our children take in their faith and the incredible role you play in this journey.

Please tell us about your family time together by emailing, posting on our forKids Facebook Group, or by tagging Forward Church on social media.